The replica watch itself exudes an aura

The first wristwatch came out in 2018: a platinum Daytona with a black mother-of-pearl dial, which sold at Sotheby¡¯s for an estimated $872,000. Then, in 2020, a blue-dial Daytona 16516 sold for $3.27 million, setting an auction record for an automatic Daytona and an auction record for a replica Rolex modern replica watch. The third is the Daytona Stella 16516 with a turquoise dial, which will sell for $3.14 million in 2021.

This Yacht-Master machine is one of a kind and totally unique. A platinum strap is attached to the replica watch. Unlike the other three Daytonas that Heinig gave as gifts, this watch was kept by the former CEO.

"It's actually a Yacht-Master prototype. Unlike the Daytonas, this Yacht-Master was not mass-produced and has no serial number or model number on it," said Justin Gruenberg of Loupe This and The Keystone. Like Parmigiani Fleurier Explained: It took Rolex many years to create a "professional" platinum replica watch. Keep in mind that commercial platinum Daytonas did not appear on Rolex watches until 2013.

As fake rolex continues to grow and attract the attention of many customers, its replica watches logo will continue to grow. In this way, original, different, personal timepieces become even more interesting. Watches exude an aura in their own right, even if they weren't developed for the public eye.