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As computer and internet have become the most essential, integral and indispensable part of our day to day lives, it has become the most favourite grazing ground for the present day hi-tech criminals.

As citizens of a highly heterogeneous society, it is absolutely crucial for us to strike a judicious balance between acquiring knowledge and applying the acquired knowledge to our day to day life. A conscious and cautions person is now in urgent need to learn the essential elements of the subject of cyber crime that has spread its tentacles in all nooks of our daily activities. As the rate of such crimes in India and in other developing countries are on alarming rise, a vivid knowledge on such cyber issues can no more be pushed to the back seat.

Better efforts to delve into the roots of such crimes and affections makes one believe strongly that lack of knowledge and sensitisation among common people is the basic reason. This void that has made our society extremely vulnerable to such crimes, has been the primary motivation behind a establishment of CYBER GURU.

CYBER GURU is a unique online institution for education and consultancy, which is the first of its kind in eastern and north eastern India to promote Cyber-legal education, real life training, consultation and counselling on cyber crimes and its legal issues. Now Government is also thinking of incorporating this subject compulsorily in the high school and college level curriculum.

CYBER GURU and its academic programs are authorised and affiliated by Computer Society of India.

Our methods of education has found wide acceptance in highly efficient Police Academies, Training Schools, Banks, Educational Institutions and Corporate Houses.

Our basic moto is to sensitise and educate every netizen about the issues and aspects of Cyber Crimes, Cyber Laws and Security measures.

Our vision is to minimize and even eradicate these types of crimes from the society which is only possible with the sensitisation of common people.

We also provide and organize the following services and programs : - Cyber Security Audit, Cyber Security Mela, Seminars on Cyber Security and Laws.

Know About Us
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